Who are you?

Jennifer Kuhn, choreographer and dancer for "Eternal Dialogue"

Have you ever stopped to think about who you might have turned out to be  if you had a different family, friends, significant others, and random people weaving in and out of your life? How much of an influence do others have on our personalities, our reactions to life, our emotional makeup? How might your life have changed if that one person had not comforted you that one day you were so emotionally broken– or what kind of person would you be today if that other person had not broken your heart years ago? Does time heal all wounds?

These are some of the themes explored in Jennifer Kuhn’s choreography for our upcoming summer production “Eternal Dialogue.” You may have seen Jennifer featured in any number of productions with David Taylor Dance Theatre, or in Delusion of Grandeur’s July 2o1o production “Body of Sound” as a dancer and choreographer. Making use of seven local professional dancers portraying different characters, Kuhn tells the story of an individual making her way through life, as all of us do, with the constant of Time at her side. The style of the piece is contemporary, with dancers weaving on and off stage representing different stages and times in life (love, loss, joy, friendship, and others). Time is the only constant in the story and will be portrayed by Jackie McMenaman of David Taylor Dance Theatre. Although we are early in the rehearsal process for this piece it is clear the story will touch those who see it and cause them to evaluate their own path and who has influenced them along the way to be who they are today. Dancers  in the piece have already commented on how engaging and moving the choreography is to express. Check back with us to see pictures and more news about this unique piece as it progresses through the rehearsal process.


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