About Delusions

Delusions of Grandeur Productions was founded in 2005 by Elvira Stewart and Kristen Demaree. Our mission was to provide performing artists with the opportunity to perform and express their own works while integrating audience groups from multiple performing arts sectors. Our first show ‘Pandora’s Muse’ (2005) integrated film, dance, live music, and theatre. ‘Pandora’s Muse’ was well received with all performances sold out. Since 2005, Elvira Stewart’s choreography has continued to grow with works performed on Boulder Ballet, Boulder Ballet 2, in the Dairy Center for the Arts, Artist Series Program, and most recently in David Taylor Dance Theatre. Kristen Demaree’s film ‘Ondine,’ which originally appeared in Pandora’s Muse, was chosen to represent the Sans Souci Film Festival in film festivals throughout the country. In the summer of 2010, Delusions presented “Body of Sound” to sold out audiences at the Dairy Center for the Arts. The show explored the relation between musicians and dancers and the living entity of a Body of Sound that surrounds us in the vibrations of live string music. The production integrated live musicians onstage with the dancers and original film. Many of the pieces presented were world premieres and have since been performed in many other venues and shows since.  The following year they produced “Eternal Dialouge” which continued on the theme of the previous production.  It extended the collaboration to include live and original poetry by Stephanie Brown as well as original music compositions by Scott Kehoe, and other orignal arrangements by Seth Premo and Kristen Demaree.

Delusions is now on a new bend in the road.  This current production is centered around bringing about a new cultural shift in ballet, which investigates the roots of gesture as established by the Romantics.  “Strange Bird and the Cloud Spirits” was created as Kristen Demaree’s final MFA capstone project at the University of Colorado.  Elvira’s “Fireflies”, is a new work that takes a nostalgic nod towards the turn of the century’s nostalgic nod towards Romanticism.  Both pieces evoke a sensitivity toward the beauty and expressionistic qualities of ballet in resistance and alternative to sensational and extreme athleticism in ballet.

DEGBFDanaeDanae Patterson as the “Nubeculaic Bargaining

DOGBFEVENTErin Caldon Simmons-Brown as “Nacreous Acceptance”



4 thoughts on “About Delusions

  1. Jesse Seth says:

    Wonderful! I am so proud of you for pioneering dance arts! I would a) love to dance with you, b) choreograph, c) recap the tour madness! or d) all of the above


  2. Andrea Morales says:

    This is great! I wish we lived closer so we could make it to your productions!! I hope your fundraisers went well this weekend. I would’ve loved to be there, but I sent my donation anyway! Love you!

  3. Hiromi Levy says:

    Elvira and Kristin,

    I am sending this info to one of my bootcamp friends who would like to come see it. Yay yayyay 🙂


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