Rehearsals in Full Swing for Eternal Dialogue

It’s that time again! Rehearsals are in full swing for “Eternal Dialogue,” Delusions’ summer production! (for more info on tickets, dates and venues, click

Just like last year’s “Body of Sound” (Delusions dancers and musicians performing at the Dairy, pictured above and below) there is a huge variety in this show as far as music, dance, film, and choreography go. However, in this year’s show we are exploring the theme of  dialogue within the passage of time– be prepared to see lots and lots of different types of “conversations” in different situations and varied periods in our history.  For example: How do you go about most of the “conversations” in your life? With your iphone? On facebook? By texting? Face to face? Be prepared to see all sorts of styles of dialogue through all sorts of mediums expressed within this show!

Also, true to the mission of Delusions, dancers will be performing to music and musicians alongside them onstage. Some pieces will be danced to live poetry reading, some to piano music (“Clair de Lune” on the roster for this year!), some to exciting drum beats, some to big band music, and some to many other styles of music. There will be original film integrated into the show as well.

Hope to see you all at the show! Keep updated on our creative and rehearsal processes by checking right here on our blog, and on our video page.


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